Please follow these guidelines in order to ensure consistency for all submissions.

1.   All submissions must be sent via wetransfer to this email: submissions@celulafoto.ro

2.   Submission email should include a text file named “celulafoto.submissions_your_name.txt” with this info :

  • Full name, email address, website, facebook and instagram account.
  • Title – short title for the project.
  • Text – short text in romanian on photographs, 200 words max.

3.    Photographs :

  • Minimum of 35 up to 100 images,  jpg / jpeg type files only  
  • The longer side size of photograph is equal or greater than 1024 pixels.
  • For color photographs rgb profile; for black and white grayscale profile.
  • Name of the files will contain the number and the photographer’s full name (01_photographer’s_name.jpg).
  • The submitter is the owner of the photographs and is responsible for the publication rights of the photographs.
  • No heavily photoshopped and remixed photographs.
  • Watermarks on photographs will not be accepted.

4.   The photographs and the text file should be grouped to a single zip file titled: “submissions_photographer’s_name”.

5.   General Notes :

  • Some small cropping of the photographs may occur while fitting the zine aspect ratio.
  • Due to the high volume of submissions, we respond only to those whose work we will consider for publication. We’ll review your work as quickly as possible.
  • In case we will consider for publication, we will ask for you images at the maximum size you have!

We thank you and look forward to your submissions.
Celula Foto.